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Sunday, March 4, 2018

The city councils begin to make public their surpluses

The Government's call to permit the municipalities to use the excess of 2017 has meant that a lot of of them have already created their pictures so as to explore, as shortly as attainable, a way to reinvest the savings in additional social infrastructures.

Thus, the city of Valencia has announce on its web site last year's surplus amounts to 62.2 million, whereas Seville has it encrypted at fifty million; Zaragoza, at 43.5 million; Valladolid, at 22; Ibiza, in 17; Vigo, in 12; Salamanca, at 10.7; León, at 7.4; Toledo, in 7; Soria, in 4.5; and Barcelona, 1.3 million, off from the 1,120 million from the Madrid, capital of Spain council.

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