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Monday, January 15, 2018

A triple more Wall Street record disorients the parquets in Latin America

The Latin American stock markets closed the week nowadays mixed and didn't find the course before the sixth triple record achieved in 2018 Wall Street, its currently unstoppable referent.

The Dow Jones, the key New York index, rose 0.89% and led to its new record of 25,803.19 points, whereas the S & P 500 added 0.67% with what reached the utmost of 2,786.24 whole.

The composite index of the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations market, within which the main technology corporations square measure listed, rose by 0.68% and all over with 7,261.06 units, additionally at levels ne'er before seen.

In its best start to the year since 2003, Wall Street investors gage purchases driven by higher than expected results from banking large JPMorgan Chase (1.65%).

That same positive mood was experienced early on the other side of the Atlantic, wherever they enclosed green Milano (0.53%), Paris (0.52%), Fráncfort (0.32%), London (0.20%) and Madrid (0.26%).

However, Wall Street's rally failed to win over Latin American markets nowadays that they all over up divided between losses and profits.

In positive territory, the Mexican market gained 0.69% when the CPI was placed at 49,135.91 units, on a business day for 15.643 billion Mexican pesos (811.39 million dollars).

The Merval index of Buenos Aires grew 2.13% and led to 32,762.66 whole, when a financial volume of 1,135.08 million Argentine pesos (about 60.7 million dollars).

Santiago's IPSA closed with a positive variation of 0.27% and was pose at 5,733.35 points, when operations for 229,062,570,195 Chilean pesos (about 379.87 million dollars).

The S & P / BVL Peru General Index closed at 20,777.07 units, when gaining 0.91%, in a very session within which 59,709,388 soles (equivalent to 18,557,696 dollars) were negotiated.

On a negative note, the Ibovespa of the urban center stock market subtracted 0.02% and stood at seventy nine,349 whole, when business for nine,113 million reais (about a pair of,840 million dollars).

The Colombian Colcap fell zero.13% and stood at 1,521.41 points, when transactions for 106,752.43 million Colombian pesos (about thirty seven.33 million dollars).

The Global stock exchange Bonds of Montevideo fell 0.2% to 117.08 units, in a very session within which shares modified by 120,180,101 Uruguayan pesos (about 4,199,476 dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO -0.02% 79,349

MEXICO +0.69% 49,135.91

BUENOS AIRES +2.13% 32,762.66

SANTIAGO +0.27% 5,733.35

COLOMBIA -0.13% 1,521.41

LIMA +0.91% 20,777.07

MONTEVIDEO -0.2% 117.08

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