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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Barnier rules out negotiating the UK-EU future relationship

British brexit minister David Davis (I) and European Union (EU) chief negotiator for brexit Michel Barnier (d) shake hands today during a press conference held after a new round of talks on the "brexit" held at the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.
The European Union (EU) chief negotiator for the brexit, Michel Barnier, said today that he will not recommend to the heads of state and government of the Twenty-seven to begin the second stage of negotiation, focusing on the future relationship with the Kingdom United Kingdom, in the absence of progress in the first phase.

"I am not in a position, given the current state of affairs, to propose to the European Council next week to open discussions on the future relationship," the French politician said at a press conference at the end of the fifth round of negotiations on departure from the EU.

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